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What Women Want: Secrets Revealed


A Woman's Created Nature

The Biblical account of creation can be very helpful in understanding the nature of a woman.


In Genesis, we are told that the first woman, Eve, was created to be a companion and helper of her husband, Adam. There are lots of clues to suggest that even then Eve was under Adam's authority (i.e. she was created as his helper, she was named by him, HE was held accountable for HER sin, etc.), yet we find that in that role, Eve was wholly and completely satisfied.


It was part of the dreadful curse, the punishment for eating the forbidden fruit, that Eve would henceforth desire to rule over her husband. Many assume the "meat" of the curse was that part about Adam ruling over her, but I tend to believe the worst part of the curse was the fact that she would no longer willingly follow his lead. That is what brought contention and drove a wedge between the man and the woman, and that, I believe, is what still makes them unhappy today.


So through this story we can begin to gain some insight into the created nature of a woman. She was created to be a helpmeet, companion, and willing follower of a loving husband. Since the God of the Bible is a loving God, we can assume He created her in such a way to be happiest in that role. The created nature of woman did not change just because of the curse. She is still happiest as a helper, companion, and willing follower of a loving man. It is that "desire to rule over her him" that causes much of the confusion.


So what am I getting at? I am saying that you as a man will get all kinds of mixed signals from a woman. It's not that she means to confuse you. She is probably confused herself. She has desires and wants of her own (and our modern culture has certainly taught her that she'll only be happy if she can manage to meet those desires), but her created nature is never fully satisfied outside of the role for which she was created.


That is why a woman will say she wants a Prince Charming, only to run off with the first Black Knight that comes her way. She doesn't understand it is her created nature that is causing the attraction to jerks. She doesn't really want a jerk. What she senses in the jerk is simply masculinity in its darkest form. Her created nature can trick her into believing the jerk can provide just what she needs (until he beats her or goes out on her or otherwise mistreats her).


In reality, what she needs is a hero. Not a suave Prince Charming who brings her flowers and jumps to do her every bidding, but a Knight in Beat-up Armor who understands her needs as a woman and is self-disciplined enough to meet those needs.