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What Women Want: Secrets Revealed


A Woman's Need to be Protected


A woman needs to feel protected. This is what will cause a woman's heart, at least initially, to be drawn to the man she perceives as the most dominant in the room. He, over all the others, seems to have the means to protect her.


And before you go thinking this is based purely on physical characteristics, let me assure you it is not. A prime example of this is a young man who we will call P.


I've known P. since middle school. He was always a small kid and he didn't grow very much as he made his way into manhood. Even today he is probably no taller than 5'2", yet I've watched with fascination over the years at how all the girls flocked to him, with his most recent conquest being my very own, very picky, daughter.


So I asked her, "Why do you have a crush on P.? He doesn't seem to be your type. Why do you and so many other girls love him?"


Turns out, P. has this stereotypical Italian male thing going on. Yes, he is small in body, but his personality is dominant, thus he draws women like flies to honey. Somehow his self-confidence and manner with women is enough to convince them he can be their hero.


Another thing you might notice from young ladies is that they'll often try to physically fight or wrestle with you. They will do everything in their power to win, but truly they do not want to win. They are simply testing your strength. In order to feel you can protect them, it helps if you are stronger than them. If at all possible, don't ever let them win these altercations. Your girl will be disappointed if you do.


Some women might similarly test your intelligence or your resolve on certain issues or even your prowess at video games or sports. Again, they are testing your masculinity. Be patient and do your best to come out on top.


The following are some practical ideas on how you might let a woman know you are concerned for her safety and interested in being her protector:


Lead the way through a crowd. Have her hold to your belt or hold her hand behind your back to keep from getting separated from her.


Walk on the outside of the sidewalk.


Open doors for her.


Make sure she wears her seatbelt. Make it a hard and fast rule that she is always to wear her seat belt.


Don't allow her to go out alone at night.


See her safely inside whenever you drop her off somewhere.


Be possessive of her. Don't suffer other men coming on to her or putting their hands on your woman.