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What Women Want: Secrets Revealed


A Woman's Need to be Led

Whether she will admit it or not, a woman needs to be led. This is where things can get a bit harder for the man. In order to lead, you must have some things going for you. First and foremost, you have to be happy and confident in yourself, outside of her. If your self-confidence is dependent on her or anyone else (other than God), you have some work to do. If you are depending on her to make you happy, let me assure you, she will fail. She should add to your happiness, but she shouldn't be expected to make you happy.


Before you try to lead a wife, do some work on yourself to make sure you are ready to lead in the relationship.


Above all, never, never, never behave as if you cannot live without her, which will only cause her to lose respect for you.


What are some ways you can lead your woman?


Learn to be decisive. Always be willing to take her opinion into consideration, but ultimately you should be the one to decide.


Encourage her to do things that are good for her... like get plenty of rest, good nutrition (but you should NEVER tell her she is fat or point out any other flaw), study for a test, etc.


Don't be afraid to give your opinion when she asks.