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Biblical Womanhood

It always makes me sad to see young women taken in by the lies of feminism. By the time many are old enough to question and see for themselves what a mess it makes out of their lives, it is too late to escape from the feminist-created rat-race.


Sadder still is when the lies come from the pulpit of our churches. Lies presented as truth... with zero scriptural backing. Lies often told in ignorance, but no less harmful.


The truth is, feminism has no place in the lives of Christian women. It certainly has no place in the Church.


It is a lie from hell that our God-given female roles are any less important than God-given male roles.


It is a bald-faced lie that God loves women any less than men because of those roles.


And it is CERTAINLY a fabrication straight from the father of lies that we could be any happier living outside our God-given roles as women.


Here at The Christian Domestic Discipline Network we will begin with the rightful assumption that women are a precious creation of God... that we are loved by Him as daughters of the Most High.


We will trust our Heavenly Father to know what is best for us and what will make us happy.


And we will look at the scriptures He has given us to determine truthfully what role He has given us.